iSafePDF v1.3.0 is out

iSafePDF v1.3.0 is out

After several months, I decided to release this new version.

iSafePDF v1.2 was downloaded more than 3000 times (codeplex + mirrors) 🙂 I received lot of comments and features requests in page. So I decided to improve iSafePDF and make it more user friendly.

Most important changes are visible in the signature tab : you can now choose a custom signature image, position and resize the signature inside a “fake” pdf page preview, and add custom text inside the visible signature (this text will replace signature default fields)

to download the new release please go to the download section.

Enjoy :]

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  1. Antonio Perasole

    Thank you a lot for giving us the opportunity of using this extremely useful tool.
    Just for sake of collaboration, I should like to bring to your attention that if the Source file and the Target file have the same name, iSafePDF doesn’t overwrite the original file with the new encrypted one and gives an error.
    Hope that this will be fixed in one of the next updates.
    Thank you again and go ahead !

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